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Hire us for your next large event!!


From street festivals to county fairs to large holiday celebrations, we can handle any large event.

We have multiple artists to meet your needs, and we specialize in high-volume events. We know how to keep the line moving while still providing an amazing level of artwork.

We've worked many large events, most recently the City of McHenry St. Patricks Day weekend and the Kenosha County Fair.

Our rate is $175/hour per artist booked with a minimum of 3 hours. Each artist can paint approximately 20-25 guests per hour, depending on designs chosen/offered.

We can also provide a line manager for an additional  $10/hour to keep things organized, or other entertainers as needed. We can also provide tables and tents for outdoor events.

Please contact us for a custom quote, we do offer 2-day booking discounts.

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